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San Joaquin County Summer 2012 Chip Seal Project

Several volunteers from the CLSA Central Valley Chapter have been working since the beginning of September to help San Joaquin County tie in CL monuments before this summer's chip seal is applied.

So far our research has produced 130 CL monument references for this summer's projects. Of that amount, we've currently found and tied about 30 or 40 CL monuments (everything we could find that was reasonably accessible from the surface).

We dug up one section corner under 2 feet of road base and 3 inches of pavement. We also saved another major monument that had been paved over with 3 inches of asphalt in the last few years. (There was a lot of chipping on that one.)

We searched for 6 or 7 additional monuments that were also under 3 inches of asphalt and 2 to 3 feet of road base. Several of these corners were aliqout. All of the corners on about 2 or 3 miles of one road were in this condition. We didn't have time to dig these up, but we know they are in place under the road.

Still, we feel good about what we've been able to save and preserve for future generations.

Here are some fun pictures from our work so far

We've also got photos of all the monuments we've tied.

We are starting to get the process for this project nailed down. We've just about got a high-quality control network in place for the monument ties, we've started keeping research logs today, and we're storing field notes and field photos.

As soon as Landon is done processing the static data from the ties, we will post a link to the loop closure report, network adjustment reports, static GPS files, and TBC project files.

All of the GPS data, notes, field photos, and research logs will be freely accessible online.

Keith is going to review Landon's final Record of Survey/Corner Record products when our field work is complete. Landon is going to start work on a centerline monument GIS for San Joaquin County next week. All of this data will be freely downloadable as well.

So far, we estimate we've logged 64 volunteer hours in the field and 20 volunteer hours in the office, at an approximate value of $17,000.00. KSN has graciously supported the project with equipment, a field truck, and flexible work hours during the chip seal season.

Hopefully we can get the County to adopt some of our process for next years chip seal projects.

Central Valley Chip Seal Project Results

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