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California Land Surveyors Association

Promoting the professional practice of land surveying in the California Central Valley.
Serving the greater Merced, Stanislaus and San Joaquin County Area."


Construction Committee:


The CLSA Central Valley Chapter has created a Construction Committee. The preliminary guidelines and scope are as follows:
  • Research current surveying and civil engineering practices related to the use of machine control and digital files during construction.
  • Prepare standard scope of professional service language related to machine control and digital design files for surveying services provided during BOTH design and construction.
  • Prepare standard license agreements that can be used to release digital engineering or surveying files to third parties. The license agreements will address liability, warranty, error reporting, and the role of the design/surveying firm during construction.
  • Prepare standard construction specification language related to the use of machine control and digital design files during construction.
  • Discuss issues related to responsible charge and licensing as they are related to the use of machine control and digital design files during construction.
  • Prepare guidelines for the surveyor's role during design and construction when machine control and digital design files will be used by the contractor.
  • Prepare standards for digital design file or topographic data deliverables to the contractor for use during construction.


  • Kent Hysell
  • Brian Jones
  • Jeff Kjeldsen
  • Kris Nehmer
  • Mike Quartaroli

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"It is important to understand that effective April 1, 2017, all new Corner Record submittals must use the new form."

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