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CLSA Central Valley Chapter Meeting Information

You will find details on the April 2014 meeting of the CLSA Central Valley Chapter below. Please contact any of the chapter officers with questions about the meeting.

  • Date and Time: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at
    6:00 PM
  • Location: Perko's in Modesto (901 North Carpenter Road)
  • Speaker: Dane Ince, PLS, CFedS
  • Topic: The Evidentiary Content of Maps

Dane Ince has been involved with land surveying since 1978. After becoming licensed in 2006, Dane founded San Francisco surveying company in 2007. Dane is proud of the fact that he was able to become part of the second class of surveyors to be certified federal surveyors. The practice at San Francisco Surveying Company centers on boundary surveying in San Francisco. Over the years, Dane has had the opportunity to work on boundaries, small and large for mom and pop and for large land development companies where the boundaries involved hundreds to thousands of acres.

The Evidentiary Content of Maps

There is a controversy regarding the evidentiary content of maps. The controversy results in inconsistent boundary mapping products. More importantly, the controversy results in obscured boundary evidence and ultimately the disruption of repose in boundary locations and unnecessary travails to society at large. The controversy, in part, arises from a disagreement over fundamentals. What are the fundamentals? How are the fundamentals applied? How do the fundamentals shape the content of boundary mapping? The answer to these questions and the tamping down of the controversy can be had by an examination of the following:

  • the minimum standard of practice as expressed in state law
  • the state board that governs the profession and how it interprets the minimum standard and how that is expressed in disciplinary actions
  • professional organizations who have expressed an opinion on the evidentiary content of maps
  • the opinions expressed in professional journals and commentary of surveyor educators
  • the opinions expressed in well-known textbooks used to educate land surveyors
The result of this investigation is to introduce new surveyors to the fundamentals and provide a frame work upon which to base a professional opinion and to refresh the memory of long time practitioners and bring these concepts to the front of mind.

You can download the meeting notice here in pdf format.

You can download the meeting minutes here in pdf format.

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